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They are the same two people, but their sexual roles are reversed and the danger of pregnancy is avoided. What about the purists and moralists who say it is unnatural and immoral? Here are the 5 biggest ones: (1) The most common benefit comes from the new awareness that people develop about the opposite sex.

If any person feels that way, then perhaps X-Change is not for them. It should be a personal choice that each person wants to do. Each becomes more understanding of the pressures and unique problems each must deal with.

Those who have had a panic attack or some kind of emergency and have performed a premature reversal almost always choose to experience a full term X-Change at a later date and report no ill effects. Is it possible to create pills which will do more than change your sex, but which may also change your species?

X-Change scientists and researchers are currently working on such applications and are very excited about the progress being made.

(2) X-Change pills create the new body directly from the blueprint encoded in the DNA.

By a process called "rejuvenation" all new cells are created in perfect condition.

The limb or organ still exists in the DNA even though it was physically removed from the body, and the X-Change pill creates a full body, replete with all parts that were formerly missing.

The X-Change pills are completely safe and FDA approved and doctor recommended for use by everyone. The drawing or sucking feeling intensifies in the perineum as an opening appears and becomes the vagina. The vagina closes up and the lips come together as the ovaries begin to descend and emerge inside the former lips which are now a scrotum. We have numerous customers who use this as an every weekend get-away. If a man changes to a woman, can he/she get pregnant? Those who use any of the temporary X-Change pills cannot get pregnant. Is there any age limit for the X-Change pill to work? The X-Change pills contain a safe medical formula which will quickly change a man into a woman, or a woman into a man. Women also report beginning with the same warm sensation which soon becomes a stretching/growing feeling as long bones lengthen giving more body height.Just google "milk line" or "mammary ridge" and read more about it. Maybe not this year, but we're working on it, and soon you will have all that and more. It appears that when X-Change re-writes the DNA of your cells, it rejuvenates them as well. So, when, say, an 80-year old man swallows an X-Change pill, he becomes an 80-year old woman but her cells are in a youthful state and any disease that was formerly present seems to have been "deleted." And, if she changes back to a man, the X-Change pill gives him youthful male cells. X-Change is adamantly opposed to changing persons in this way.

What we are learning to do at X-Change is to activate those DNA strands intentionally and in a controlled way, whereas so-called birth defects activate them haphazardly. If you would like to be among the first to try them, just sign up for a member account. If you sign up for a member account, you will be given access to a member survey where you can vote on which future projects you would like to see us develop. A person who has just experienced an X-Change change is free of all STD's, and all other disease as well. Our researchers are still investigating this area, but there are some initial data that have us excited. If it happens, we will do what we can to help them to change back and to prosecute those guilty of this offense. I would like to volunteer to be a member of the team at X-Change that tries out new pills. Just google us on the internet and go to our home page. You will be taken to a page where you can fill out an application. X-Change manufactures some pills which will last for 12 hours, others which last for 24 or 48 hours, some which last a week, a month, a year, and our super premium formula which effects a permanent change. Some may use it to try a new occupation better suited to a different sex and may choose the one year version. Men report a sensation of shrinking: shrinking in body height as long bones begin to shorten, and shrinking in the genitals as their penis shortens and soften and begins to draw into their body leaving only the smaller head visible to become the new clitoris.