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14-Sep-2017 07:44

I won't touch the "hate cops" thing, but there is a difference. In theory, the police are supposed to be there to help people also, but there's way more potential for them to do harm in the process (false arrest, unnecessary force, etc.).

And then, they're also being stretched to do things that they should never be used for. I just don't think it's appropriate to make a law requiring it.)I agree.

He slunk back to his car and I never heard anything about it again, much less got ticketed.) I could give you a list of examples that goes on forever. CNN's cute little money list missed the boat big time..second most dangerous job(for FATALITIES)...... Ask one of those beseiged, hard working single Moms that have to work a night-shift servicing drunks, crackheads, and all around ***holes.

Ask THEM, how they feel about police officers.“in my experience, people who have a hate on for police are usually people who are constantly in trouble with the law.”LOL Then explain why the Chief of Police called to thank me for all I had done for him department, and how much he appreciated me, in response to my calling to tell him to put a leash on his boys as they were committing illegal acts?

What may be the best choice for one situation is not always best in a similar one. If everything was black or white our job would be quite simple there would be a perfect answer for every situation.

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Mandatory seat-belts for adults is a pet peeve of mine. But I don't want/need the police telling me whether or not I can choose to take that incremental risk with my own body. Cops can hide behind their guns, and commit all kinds of horrendous acts against innocent people.

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Manhattan had been declared a federal disaster area, and the flooded roads had halted road traffic. So Kreyling biked his way onto the island, pedaling against the tide.… continue reading »

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